Minimal Icon Model

We put your needs as the starting point for our work

hrough a minimalist approach and precise design, our main focus is to create a unique experience where simplicity transforms into design and essential forms come to life without compromising functionality. Aesthetics and utility come together in perfect harmony, creating visually captivating and highly efficient spaces.

Classic Model

Kitchens designed for the well-being of your family

We believe that the kitchen is the central space in a home, where form and functionality coexist in balance. Transform your kitchen into a sanctuary that brings the family together. Create a gathering point where laughter is shared and memories are made.

Hub Model

Celebrate Portuguese culture with a kitchen tailored to your needs

Explore the richness of your culture with a kitchen that reflects your flavors and traditions. With typical spices and healthy recipes, each dish becomes a celebration of Lusitanian gastronomic tradition, providing unique and delicious experiences for all.

Easy Model

Kitchens that inspire lasting connections and unforgettable moments

Each product is thoughtfully designed and tailored to your preference. Enjoy a space where art is crafted to provide you with an inspiring atmosphere. Experience a functional kitchen and prepare unique dishes to surprise your loved ones.

Minimal Plan Model

Successful recipes start with the right kitchen

Unleash the chef within you with our kitchens designed for success. In a timeless space, your recipes shine. Discover exceptional culinary experiences where every detail matters.

Electa Model

Charm in a kitchen full of personality

Turn your space into something charming and full of personality with our materials. Let your kitchen tell a story through a warm and captivating ambiance.

Nature Model

Natural beauty and exceptional quality

Discover a new dimension of serenity and connection with nature. By incorporating the sophistication of cork, we have created an introspective environment where you can find tranquility. Enjoy spaces designed just for you.

Electa Model in Super Matte

A sophisticated and welcoming style in the heart of your home

Create a functional space with the beauty and quality of our materials. Enjoy the perfect balance between simplicity and utility, following the latest decoration trends.


Make your individuality stand out

Let’s work together to build your dream project.

Inspirations and materials allow us to create unique, fuctional, and high-quality designs that bring your envisioned space to life.

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