Our story

From a representative store, we established our own production factory in 2004. We invested in CNC machines, production software, and 3D capabilities to execute projects, aiming to explore the potencial of furniture and transform dream kitchens into practical and tangible spaces.

In 2009, we created our own brand, and since then, our focus has been on the quality of our products and services. Offering a wide range of furniture for the entire house. The motto of a “Coziform home” represents a consistente servisse in every componente. The well-being and comfort of families through unique and versatile projects will always be our priority!

Since 1996

Our mission is quality! Always!

We have grown, reinvented ourselves, and evolved, not only in technology but also in our image.

For decades, we have been paving the way in markets, and all that acquired expericence has made us a leading company in the furniture industry today.



Each element is carefully selected to reflect your unique style

We offer exclusive models, each capable of telling a story of unique experiences and lifestyles, exploring diverse composition choices.

Our customized interior projects transform your spaces into a reflection of yourself.


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Make your individuality stand out

Let’s work together to build your dream project.

Inspirations and materials allow us to create unique, fuctional, and high-quality designs that bring your envisioned space to life.

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